This 2021 Corvette Stingray Convertible took 60 Years to Make, But it was Worth the Wait.
This 2021 Corvette Stingray Convertible took 60 Years to Make, But it was Worth the Wait.

This 2021 Corvette Stingray Convertible took 60 Years to Make, But it was Worth the Wait.

00:00 – Start of video
00:05 – Night Drive, Kickdown
00:18 – Startup, Front, Headlamps
00:42 – Startup, Rear, Drive off
01:08 – Intro, Staying current, Plane, Mecum, Weather, No complaints
04:14 – Start of car review, Cleaning the windshield, overview
07:31 – Not really the first mid-engined Corvette
09:48 – Zora Arkus-Duntov and the development of a mid-engined Corvette
19:29 – Landscaping, Peter and the Tinderellas
20:30 – Back to this Corvette, Pricing, Value
22:50 – Exterior styling
25:24 – Underhood, Performance, Mechanicals
28:54 – Storage, Trunk, Frunk
31:50 – Interior, Seats, Cluster, Ridiculous shifter and climate
41:21 – Running the power top
43:15 – Test drive, Acceleration, Cruise
50:42 – Highway drive

A mid-engined Corvette has been many years in the making – roughly 60 or so. It was the dream of Zora Arkus-Duntov, the "Father of the Corvette," and he pushed it relentlessly for decades, only to be shot down every time it seemed close. He retired in 1975, but the Corvette team at Chevrolet kept the dream alive, finally culminating in the C8.

There were a fair number of concept and development cars made over the years that tested the mid-engined layout, some more successful and attractive than others, but all of them failing to get built. Making this eighth generation Corvette in a mid-engine layout was arguably something Chevrolet needed to do to keep Corvettes relevant, cutting edge, and forward thinking. I applaud them for it, and can very much say the car they made was worth the wait, especially in terms of value for money. In that parameter, this car is in a class all by itself.

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Comments (45)

Blair Brown

“Now,if I can get my hands on the Z06, my life will be complete.”

Shout out to Pete for forcing Bill out of his comfort zone,every now and then.

Mark L

Great as always Bill. Amazon has a wonderful articulated arm with a microfiber pad that reaches ALL of the windshield. The pad only needs literally a drop or 2 of water. It’s a dry damp rub. $15 off Amazon and it is brilliant.


That was a great video which I could watch in one sit down compare to other I had to watch over a weeks time.
All respect for the incredible research you did just getting these pics from the older concept corvettes must have been taking a lot of time.


Totally disagree! This! Is my favorite Vette of all time! I have driven many others but the c8 is by far my favorite one. In part to its docile comfortable nature. It can be as good to drive as as a luxury car and it can seriously handle!! You can drive this car cross country without feeling you took the trip on a road wagon. Sorry to disagree!!

V8 (let's go brandon)

I like the C3 vettes the best they were still well made and for a car guy easy to upgrade power 350 simple to work on, instead of lcd they have 5 gauges that look so cool. C8 is made for the german autobahn and nurburgring.

Nasty Customs

It’s gonna be interesting to see how the angry spaceship type of styling on this and many other makes/models ages. It’s tough to imagine what it will take for new cars 20 years in the future to make this look dated.

Rudolph Guarnacci

It’s good value, i like your choice of words to describe it. Who knows? People are angry, will probably only get angrier until a war breaks out wiping our most of humanity. Then, angry spaceship cars will look dated.


What an amazing piece of engineering, artistry, form, and function. You are privileged to review the new Vette.

Glad you liked Mecum Kissimmee. I was glued to the TV for a number of hours enjoying it. Did you get to meet John Kraman or Scott Hoke? Those guys are so incredibly knowledgeable about cars… especially John.

The Flat Rock

The Vette needs a clear cover over the engine so you can see it. I get they have to insulate the roof from the engine when it’s down.

william server

I know these new corvettes run great but I like the look of the older models much more. Thanks for sharing

Cliff Baxter

Yep. And yep.


I’m still a huge fan of the C3 models.

Evan J

I love that you explain the edits and say “I’ll be right back because ________ ,” when for us we’d have no idea what. I love that you don’t edit. I love that a $40 trip to best buy would solve some of your camera holding issues. I’m not being sarcastic, I honestly love that you are what you are and you’re finding success just being that guy. I’m wondering if you’ve recognized that parallel between your criticisms of newer cars? When everything is antiseptically perfect, some, if not all, of the soul is lost. Just like an NA Miata, you are going to do what you do, and unapologetically so. I now anticipate your deep signs and often do them with you. Cult classic man. Fucking Rocky Horror Picture Show. Love it.

Lance Cooper

It’s astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I’ve got to keep control…….

Soldato Lacrimosa

Your performance timer was already at 2.6 before you hit the gas. So with wheel spin your time to 60 was 3.8


Saw it too 🤣🤣

Paul I

Saw that too…then found your comment

Smiddy Smidton

Went looking for this comment .Pretty wild times really Undisputed All Day Season 06 & On

I was searching for this comment immediately lol

E Gold

Dave the Wholesaler is really taking a shot at upstaging Uncle Johnny here with this gem. Very nice! 👌

The Flat Rock

With this mid engine Vette you can reach and stroke your motor when you drive down the road

The Flat Rock

I don’t think I could afford this 20 years from now! Just amazing 😻

Arthur Zakaryan

These have yet to grow on me style wise even though they are becoming fairly common on LA roads. I appreciate the engineering/performance to price ratio that GM has been able to achieve with this. I agree that at the base $60K price, there really is nothing on the market that can compete with this performance wise. Saying that, I wouldn’t buy one myself mainly cause I still can’t get over the exterior styling or some of those cabin choices also mentioned by Bill but it is the biggest performance car bargain if you can put those other things aside.

John Ward

Nobody has ever obtained one for $60k.

Blair Brown

I prefer the C7 Z06 versions,myself for her more GT-ish styling.

Cliff Baxter

Fugly car.
The only thing that would make me like it less is if it was electric. That’ll be next.


@D Carts very well said! The worst part is, I’ve been waiting for a mid engined Corvette since I was in my teens. Now that it’s finally here, it looks like this!!! The previous concepts were far more beautiful and actually looked like a Corvette (at the time).

D Carts

@Stinger430 “disjointed”! Exactly. It’s like they stuck two to four designers in separate rooms and they designed this car without collaborating at all. It’s been a GM issue for decades. Good fronts, bad backends. Good backend, bad front end. But this…sigh.

Christopher M.

Hey Bill, as a car and watch lover I always noted your usual Breitling, but have been seeing some new ones lately like today’s Rado. Any chance we can get a quick “watch update” in some of your reviews to go along with the weather and animals? Keep up the awesome work!

John Ward

Bill does not reply. Ever.

Steve Tomato

Another watch guy here. I also would love to see an off-topic quick state of the collection video and maybe a quick wristwatch check up front with the weather/animal updates


Corum Bubble for the win!


@That Syrian Guy it’s because to many their design language is seen as ridiculous. They are big and “in your face”. They also state the MSRP is extremely high but their for sale price is much lower. The stories about their customer service and warranty work is alarming. Hope that helps!

That Syrian Guy

Idk much about watches but I wear them sometimes. Do you know why Invicta gets alot of hate? Just curious.


These are cool looking, they changed a lot. Though I haven’t been in these new ones. I got to drive a 1960 Corvette once. It is my uncle’s and he is going to replace the transmission clutch or something. So I learned how to drive a manual for the first time in it! The new Corvettes are more about technology it seems now and no longer offered in manual unfortunately. Personally I prefer the older ones! Was fun.


@Radi0he4d1 I have a ‘22 Camaro SS with about 455hp and a 6 speed manual, it’s an easy drive. Power delivery is silky smooth.

Christopher Durham

It looks like a long handled squeegee would save your back cleaning that glass. If I were a betting man I would say this 21 Vette has the sharpest rake in the front windshield of any modern car, save my parents mid 90s TBirds and Cougars.


My 8th gen Civic windscreen was pretty near horizontal.

Christopher Durham

@Christopher Tyacke hmm.. you got me curious. Imma go look and see

Christopher Tyacke

The new Lucid air may have it beat on the window rake.

Dayam Borges

Great job Bill. Thank you . I really look forward to and enjoy your videos

Joshua Taylor

Sometimes when alone I put a bill video on and pretend I have a friend who is equally dissatisfied with the current state of things

Chris G

You’re not the only one my friend, you’re not the only one.

Edward Itor

haha! I hear you on that!

Randy Kumpf

You have seriously good coping skillz bro!


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