Our F1 2021 Season Review! Hollywood Takes Over Motorsport
Our F1 2021 Season Review! Hollywood Takes Over Motorsport

Our F1 2021 Season Review! Hollywood Takes Over Motorsport

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Comments (38)

Alex Goalby

Sam, enjoy the longer episodes / podcasts 馃憤馃徎

Dan Childs

Great video lads. I would have to say re Lando that the issues happened after his mugging at Wembley. Shook him up and could clearly see that on his interviews after. Looking forward to practice next month.

Gabe DeMoraes

I think it was great to hear Vettel actually sound invested in the driving this year over the radio vs being dejected all the time in 2020. After not having a good result you could hear he was pumped about wanting more, seems like the drive is there!

michael coyne

How can you laud Hamilton for doing well in a “worse” car bringing it to the line, but then slate Bottas even though he hammered Perez by 36 points in the same situation, a number 2 car?


mate both mercs are the same both the red bulls were not the same for a large part of the season.


Imagine if this had played out the other way around, Max, Horner and co. would they have been at all gracious or have accepted it? Ha!


That final race soured me so much I want nothing to do with F1 until the season starts. Don’t want to hear anything about F1 until the first race of 2022

Simon Sauter

Love the podcast but being a controversial season I have two statements that I didn鈥檛 agree with 1. Red bull had the better car – Bottas finished third in points and you rate Perez as a better driver 2. Max can鈥檛 be happy how he won in the last race – Don鈥檛 you think it would have been worse finishing under safety car they would never do that


If Norris carried more of the form he showed early on in the season, I’d say he would be the driver of the season. Sainz also, best at adapting to the new car. Max and Norris stand out for sure though. Drive to survive will be Wolff Vs Horner

Robbie Hutchin

Agreed. Norris was amazing for the first 戮 of the season. Not sure what happened to him after that though.

RS Jamie

For all the good Lewis Hamilton did with his reaction after the last race, his silence and lack of confirmation of his future has shown his true colours.


He is just showing that he didn鈥檛 like what happend and he is enjoying being talked about. But he knows he has to come back soon or people will forget about him really quick.


what true colours?馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀please explain

Danny D

That’s because he had cameras in his face after the race.

curtis duguid

a watch along at STG then live recording would be great!

Scott Thomson

I heard from an F1 team guy that Latifi is too intelligent for his own good as a driver. He overthinks through every possibility and delays himself. Whereas a regular racer with a small Stig brain just guns it and gets it done.

Scale Crawl NL

Thank you! Good fun podcast, glad you uploaded the season recap 馃檪

Pablo L贸pez Sim贸n

I think you still underestimate Sainz, and also I think it鈥檚 pretty unfortunate to say that it was weird seeing a Spaniard in a Ferrari and that he didn鈥檛 match the team. What is that supposed to mean? That he doesn鈥檛 have enough glamour to be a Ferrari driver because he is Spanish?

Pablo L贸pez Sim贸n

True, they talk as if Alonso was just a mediocre driver, and in my opinion he is the best of the modern era.

Robbie Hutchin

Just shows how little he knows about f1. Alonso??


Does Paul not realize F1 teams aren’t national teams? Did he forget about Alonso?

Simon Sauter

Or his face doesn鈥檛 suit Ferrari?? What does that even mean?

EL Arjaoui Omar

Bottas is no longer the ultimate Number 2 drive, I think Perez took that from him this year


Alonso and Ocon we’re awesome aswell this year tho


@michael coyne confusing hey?? its the Max fans over hyping the fact that Perez had a couple good racing moments against lewis.

michael coyne

How? Bottas won them the constructors championship, he beat perez by 36 points in what many Lewis fans are calling a number 2 car.

Oscar Brady


Alex Fleming

Time stamps
0:00 – Sam鈥檚 confession
1:10 – introduction
2:17 – final race of the season
7:25 – Williams
15:23 – Haas
19:30 – Alfa Romeo
24:48 – Alpha tauri
32:39 – ferrari
41:42 – Alpine
45:45 – Aston Martin
48:20 – Mclaren
54:45 – Red Bull
1:04:56 – Mercedes
1:14:05 – Summary and rounding off the season!

You鈥檙e welcome Sam 馃榿

Danny Chan

Hallo sam new best friend




Gio was probably the unluckiest driver of the grid this year I think. Sad to see him leave

Magnus Tan

For a lot of the year yes, but not in Monza. That was an error.

Adam Lifshack

Can you do an episode on predictions including viewers predictions for next season please!!

Aaron Greenfield

Better late than never , yet another great episode!

M谩rton Ferenci

We need a car spotting in Bulgaria episode

Behind The Glass

Whoever does time stamps for this episode is my best friend for life

ferdaus bhuiyan

the good stuff starts with kimi at 19:30 and then watch all the way until the end


@Isma Zonda You sound like you started 2022 on the right foot


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