NEW Toyota Yaris Cross review – an SUV that can ACTUALLY do 100mpg!! | What Car?
NEW Toyota Yaris Cross review – an SUV that can ACTUALLY do 100mpg!! | What Car?

NEW Toyota Yaris Cross review – an SUV that can ACTUALLY do 100mpg!! | What Car?

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The Toyota Yaris Cross is an SUV that is amazingly frugal, but is there more to it than it mpgs? Watch to find out

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Video chapters:
0:00 What is the Yaris Cross?
1:08 Interior design
3:48 Rear seats and practicality
5:20 The hybrid engine
7:27 Driving impressions
8:06 Pricing and fuel efficiency
9:01 Trim levels
9:25 Verdict and outro

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Comments (50)

james In Bradford

I’ve tested several small SUV’s in the last 6 months and the Yaris Cross is the only car I would consider to buy to replace my Vitara.

CSJ Rogerson

How is the electrical power supply element included within the overall mpg? What assumptions are used in terms of how the electricity is generated and supplied to the vehicle and how its then used in its hybrid configuration?

Stuart Christie

if you like the mpg of this, do the same drive and test in the Yaris, they are so efficient it’s mad. Comfy, relaxed and reliable, fantastic product if a little boring

Deelan Das

I had one for a few days to test, absolutely amazing. I didn’t find it boring either, the steering and ride are great and it’s got a nice driving position too. Not a car for pressing on in due to that drivetrain but has to be my favourite small car. 100+ mpg around town. About 75 combined.


I got my Yaris Cross two months ago, and I am a happy camper 🙂 – in my country we do not have the English levels, mine is called a “style” and has a medium package with panorama roof and tech package, and no AWD – I dont need that – but I do have a removable trailer hook, for bike transport, a small trailer and maybe a camplet for camping in the future. I think it has plentifull oompf, you can set the car in eco (green) normal or red mode, and in red mode it reacts quite potently. Longer hauls are not as economical as short drives, but it handles well, especially the driving assistance and adaptive cruise control works as a charm, and makes driving easy and stressless. The automatic highbeams (not the fully automatic highbeam), works much better that on the old Yaris, maybe because it’s a higher SUV car? What I like the most is the height of the drivers seat, plus the CVT its so easy and comfortable!

K Addo

Great and very practical review as I am currently considering this trim level. I was considering the CHR, but this review has pushed the Yaris Cross to the top of my list based on its real world mpg.

Llewellyn Morgan

Picked mine up 3 days ago in the design spec. First hybrid for me and I love it. Stable, comfortable drive. Glad I got it 👍😊

AlForce 1

@Llewellyn Morgan Ace man, congrats!

Llewellyn Morgan

@AlForce 1 I ordered it at the end of October, wasn’t expecting it until April, so we’ll ahead of schedule

AlForce 1

That’s awesome! How long did it take to arrive?

Jon Donnelly

Imagine the economy this would have if didn’t have the aerodynamics of a brick


E-CVT (Yaris Cross Hybrid) has no pulleys just pinions. The non hybrid automatic version comes equiped with classic CVT…with a twist (first mechanical gear used to initially move the car, at greater speeds, the pulley system tskes charge.

Mr R.K. Khan

Awesome review…. this is one of the best car review channels.
Looking forward to more great content 😎👌

Deelan Das

I think all new cars should have the option of at least a Space Saver spare. This is unavailable on this model so I wouldn’t even consider it. Toyota usually quite good with this so I think it’s an oversite on their part.


Odd when the Yaris ships with a space saver.

Barbara Bartos

Couldn’t agree more – no spare wheel option, no sale!


Great looking car and it looks very good value. Its a shame the interior is soooooo dull though. Maybe higher trim levels are better, other than that, I like this a lot.


I had a dynamic and you get heated seats etc but Interior is pretty much the same

Nicholas Riley

10 year Toyota Relax warranty is kind of reassuring.

Legendary Craft

This is the car I am planning to buy at the end of this year or next year. It is so nice. I am planning to go for the AWD Dynamic version.
The only downsides is that it does not have a spare wheel in the back. But I think it is a very good, affordable, safe car for my budget.

Dusan Koctur

waiting time for yaris cross is 10 months, can order

Bond, James Bond

I like the Yaris Cross a lot but you forgot to mention the Suzuki Vitara as an alternative. The Vitara won’t do 100 mpg but the 4 cylinder boosterjet engine is really punchy and will do 55 mpg. The Vitara is a great car, I have one.

Terry Vincent

They now also have the Vitara Hybrid. Sounds GREAT. I Want 1 !!!
( ‘OZ’ )

Thabz Mad

Only VAG products exist for these journos unfortunately…

Be Low Below

Suzuki are bringing out rebadged Toyota hybrids – so that choice of option should change big time.

Sharon B.

Seems like a great car, especially a second car. Great for zipping around in the city, single people or couples. Considering they typically are in Honda’s and Toyota’s that last 200-250k miles and are mostly very reliable, I do not understand this contempt for CVT’s. I guess it’s like the people in America who hate the sound of diesel engines. The gas mileage, it’s a hybrid and it’s mostly under 25k are all reasons to love this car.

Sharon B.

@TI lol, me either but many of these EV users interviewed have talked about 2nd cars. Working couples or small business owners maybe?


Second car? It’s 22k! I can’t afford it as my first.

Joseph Marsh

Most people worldwide hate CVT transmissions also because they don’t shift like dct transmissions too. I’m a fan of CVT cars and don’t mind then

Deelan Das

@Sharon B. lol!! Crazy isn’t it.

Sharon B.

@Be Low Below great explanation. I take these car reviewers with a grain of salt anyway. They are absolutely giddy in stupidly fast cars, laughing maniacally at mashing the pedal to the floor and speeding around corners.but look like a bird just pooped in their food when describing a car getting 60-80 mpg!

Bert van de Pol

Why do car journalists always complain about the CVT? I drive a Toyota with CVT myself. It is a very economical transmission. Why rev the car to get a quick acceleration? CVT cars are built to be economical. We should get rid of the idea that quick is better, more fuelefficient is better. acceleration is an item from the past. Car journalists shouldn’t be concerned about it at all. Most cars get from 0-60 in say 6-12 seconds. So why bother? And why do you need a bigger fueltank with such god mpg figures? Love the car and the colour by the way.


@Wayne Simpson Toyota hybrids do not use pulley cvts. It’s more like an EV most of the time. A serial hybrid if you like.

Deelan Das

The other trade off is the only smoother transmission than ecvt is a full electric vehicle’s reduction gearbox. Actually take that back they’re equally as smooth. No other gearbox comes close.

A person

Its good for economy but no fun to drive

Matt ArsenalTheInvincibles

@Wayne Simpson With the Yaris MK3 hybrid I would agree, it’s only good for city driving. But poor on long journeys as not powerful enough which makes too much noise on the CVT. So this summer I’m changing the Yaris for the corolla 2.0 hybrid which will be so much better in almost everyway apart from economy.

Deelan Das

@Wayne Simpson Best thing would be to test drive in your area and see for yourself, if not good then buy what’s right for you. I’ve got the RAV4 Hybrid with AWD and it’s a 2.5 hybrid so much more powerful. No problems even towing up steep gradients. Can’t imagine this would struggle with a light load.

Deelan Das

Toyota ECVT is a massive plus! Not a negative by any means. If you like to floor it regularly this is not the car for you. You buy a hybrid like this as it’s more efficient and reliable than its rivals. If you want to go fast and accelerate hard (which is inefficient) there are much better options.


Exactly. Cannot believe after 2+ decades since launch of Prius, journos do not understand how it works.

Darius Liutkus

@mark u Totally agree.

Deelan Das

@Clayton haha, me too

mark u

Car reviewers seem to be still confused about the eCVT in Toyota’s hybrids. AFAIK, it’s not really the typical CVT like the one found in the non-hybrid Yaris

Valito Cardoso

I love my toyota corolla ECVT! With 67mpg 💯

steven nicol

I can’t help thinking this brand new car from Toyota will age very quickly.

Be Low Below

That will give any new car an advantage for generating interest


I would happily buy one for its brand reliability and petrol consumption alone.

Having owned 3 Yarises I am leaning towards a Cross for my next car.

It seems that for 99% of car reviewers are obsessed with so called ‘scratchy’ plastics which I find laughable to be honest. I cannot recall the last time in my 50 years of driving that I sat in a car scratching the plastic trim. Why even would you?

I’m 5’10” and have no trouble fitting in the rear seat of my Yaris and have ample leg room. Out of 100 cars you pass on the road how many of those have two 6 footers in the rear seat?

Nice car.

Dick Schuurman

Try installing a child seat in a Yaris/Yaris Cross via this “crack”, let alone “filling” that seat…

Kristiāns Ozoliņš

well, if this wasn’t a Toyota, would you be defending it?

Matt ArsenalTheInvincibles

I had the mk1 and currently the MK3 Yaris hybrid. I need more power so going for the 2.0 corolla excel later this year. Also had a corolla 1.6 GLS auto in the late ’90. Fantastic reliability in all of them.

technology lover

Great honest reviews 👍👏


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