2022 Jeep Compass 4XE Review: A plug-in hybrid car for the wilderness
2022 Jeep Compass 4XE Review: A plug-in hybrid car for the wilderness

2022 Jeep Compass 4XE Review: A plug-in hybrid car for the wilderness

The Jeep Compass is a bit different to most compact family SUVs. While most will never tackle terrain tougher than a muddy puddle outside the school gates, the Compass – being a Jeep – is designed with much more hardcore use in mind. Its four-wheel drive comes courtesy of a 1.3-litre petrol engine driving the front wheels, and an electric motor driving the rear wheels. What's more, this being a plug-in hybrid, a full charge gives you an official electric-only range of just under 30 miles, and official fuel economy of more the 140mpg.

In this CarGurus UK video review, Rebecca Jackson examines the off-road credentials and on-road abilities of the Compass, and how it performs as a daily family car.

For even more information, read the full written review on the CarGurus UK website:

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Comments (24)


Jeep seem to be keen on out pricing themselves.


Rebecca looks like Aunt Sally In Worzel Gummidge! 😧😮

chris penn

Or just buy a diesel Evoque or Discovery Sport for around the same money……….?


£40k ? For that ? Stellantis has a sense of humour but the joke’s on you….

Birky 41

I have the previous shape diesel 4×4 auto as I need the family vehicle + towing with off road ability and can confirm its very good. Any wet grass field, snow etc no problem to get through. Ordering my 4xe new version shortly


Well it looks purposeful, different from the SUV clones out there. That said, it doesn’t look like £40K’s worth. If I had that sort of money to burn on a family car I think I could do better.


So nice to see and hear another spot on review by Rebecca.🥳 i see that the SUV/CUV craze has hopped over the pond from the states. The other two vehicles are not sold here, however, i would go Kia/ Hyundai instead , based on cost, warranty, and reliabiity over the Fiat/Jeep. 🤔

CarGurus UK

Thanks for your kind comments


Who the hell buys such cars? Even Rebecca is helpless to drag my attention to this “thing”

Steven Campbell

As unfashionable as I’m going to sound I don’t see the point in plug in hybrids, that car needs a diesel engine and I don’t like the large screen sitting proud of the dashboard.

Henrik Koukku



Only subscribed for Rebecca
0:50 Great 👍


@CarGurus UK I will thank you. I hope this is Rebecca haha.

CarGurus UK

Great 👍 enjoy


You always mention that extra 1/2 inch in hight😂

Wheelchair Wonders

Great review Rebecca but I’m not convinced, especially at £40k.. (Phil)

Let's Build a Willys Jeep

Restoring a 1947 CJ2A Willys Jeep! JOIN the Jeep LIFE gang👊👊

SA Airgunner

Thank you for a good review. I have a question, though. It is a plug-in hybrid, so what happens to the AWD if you go off-road and the battery runs out. Are you then stuck in FWD and perhaps stuck in the wildernis?

Nigel Rudyard

Great review, the car, hmmm. Likely to be unreliable.

M Houslay

Great review thanks. Nicely balanced, informative – doesn’t ‘lose direction’ 🙄

CarGurus UK

Glad you liked it!



Mr Mawson


Robert Lloyd



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